Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parent Guide DVD's on the way

Hi MT Families,

I'm excited to tell you that I'll be handing out these nice new parent guides next week. In the past, the guides were a digest-sized booklet, but MT has just made up these lovely new DVDs. The guide will help you participate in class with your child, and it was also give you lots of ideas for bringing MT into your home. On top of all that, it will share some basic tenets of early childhood education, and specific results of some of the research that goes into the curriculum. MT is constantly researching methods for developing musical human beings, and they introduce changes every now and then based on this research.

Please feel free to ask me questions in person, but I also welcome you to ask questions in the comments section here on the blog. Your questions will help me know what kind of information to include in class and on line here at the blog. If you've been wondering about something, someone else probably is, too.

Thank you for your patience with the canceled class today. I'm feeling better already, and I'm looking forward to singing and playing with all of you next week.

Musically yours,

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